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Model: JY1700×8 Steel Strip Width: 600-1550mm
Thickness: 2.5-8mm Cutting Method: Round Plate Shear
Working Style: Active Shear、drag Shear Material: бb≤580 бs≤350MPa Carbon Steel And Low Alloy Steel

Slitting line 
Slitting line is used to cut wide steel plate coil into several steel strips of a certain width longitudinally and tangle into steel strip coils, providing the required steel strip coil for the cold bending welded pipe production line, high frequency welded pipe production line or other purposes. The machinery unit is featured of high efficiency, low waste and high precision.

Composition: Loading machine, uncoiler, coil opener, pinch and feeding device, flattener, cross shearing machine, center aligning device, round plate shear, scrap winder, seperating and tensioning device, active separating and guiding device, steel strip winder, unloading car, hydraulic station, electricity control system.


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