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Model: HGBF50 Tube Diameter: φ12-φ50
Tube Thickness: 1~3mm Material: δB≤580Mpa、δS≤350Mpa、 Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Welding Speed: 0~10m/min Main Motor Power: 75Kw
High Frequency Equipment: 100Kw Argon Arc Welder: 500A

Carbon tube-stainless steel composite pipe line——
Carbon tube-stainless steel composite pipe line uses rollers for forming carbon steel strip into pipe shape and welded it into pipe with high frequency welding machine. Then, used rollers to wrap the pipes surface with stainless steel strip and weld it to composite pipe via argon arc welding device. Along with carbon steel pipe welding production line, the unit adopts “synchronous welding combination method” to cover the surface of the carbon steel pipe with stainless steel cold belt synchronously. Through welding, sizing, straightening, length-fixing and polishing, the final pipe is produced. The pipes have high accuracy, firm wrapping and good performance of deep processing and possess intensity of the steel pipe and the beauty of the stainless steel, is mainly used into textile machinery, food machinery, decorating, carriages, poles of the municipal construction, denotes, replacement of plated pipes, etc.

Composition: Uncoiler, butt shearing and welding machine, material accumulator, forming and sizing unit, computerized flying saw, out of passage, out of line fine polishing machine, packing machine, high frequency DC drag, argon arc welder, whole line electricity

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