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Good quality Direct forming rectangle welded pipe equipment for sales
Good quality Direct forming rectangle welded pipe equipment for sales
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    Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.  Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.


    Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.  Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.


    Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.  Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.  Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.
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    Tube line process illustration

    Process flowchart
    Layout flow: strip material loading→ uncoiling → unbending → flattening → butt shearing and welding → accumulator → flattening → rough forming → fine forming → welding →de-burring → polishing → flawing testing → medium frequency seam annealing → air cooling → water cooling → sizing → straightening → flying saw cutting → straightening → beveling → hydraulic testing → transporting → marking → painting → packing → warehouse ( flowchart may differ from pipe specifications)

    High frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment——
    High frequency straight seam welded pipe equipment is used to produce specified welded steel pipe. It feeds a certain specification steel strip into the machinery and coil it into pipe blank through forming roller .Then under skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency electric current, the current will be concentrated on the bond surface of the pipe fringe, then with help of squeezing/pressing rollers pressure, the pipe blank will be welded into tube quickly .After coiling, sizing and straightening, the needed pipe will be produced. There are roller type, FFX type and rows roller type of machinery unit which can produce kinds of steel pipes including API coupling pipe of grade X80, X100, J55, that comply with API-5L, API-5CT standards.


    Square pipe directly forming equipment——
    square/rectangle steel pipe direct forming equipment adopts combined moulds, multi-points pre-bending method, directly forming process, without taking the main shafts or stands away, moulds can be replaced rapidly, and with low loading. It can save about 60% of expense and time than machinery unit of non-combined mould style. It can produce square/rectangle pipe with average thickness of the four angles, and with high strength. Such machinery units are appropriate for small batches pipes with multi specifications.

    Multi-function cold formed steel welded pipe mill line——

    Multi-function cold formed steel welded pipe mill line is special equipment for producing cold bending profile, square/rectangle and round pipe. It combines two process together of high frequency straight seam welded pipe and square directly forming pipe, with the features of the two process method, one equipment, multi usage. This machinery unit can also produce steel plate poles used to fix earthwork in tunneling or other ground bases works, it also can produce special shaped pipes used for air cold island condensers of electric power factory and steel factory.

    Carbon tube-stainless steel composite pipe line——
    Carbon tube-stainless steel composite pipe line uses rollers for forming carbon steel strip into pipe shape and welded it into pipe with high frequency welding machine. Then, used rollers to wrap the pipes surface with stainless steel strip and weld it to composite pipe via argon arc welding device. Along with carbon steel pipe welding production line, the unit adopts “synchronous welding combination method” to cover the surface of the carbon steel pipe with stainless steel cold belt synchronously. Through welding, sizing, straightening, length-fixing and polishing, the final pipe is produced. The pipes have high accuracy, firm wrapping and good performance of deep processing and possess intensity of the steel pipe and the beauty of the stainless steel, is mainly used into textile machinery, food machinery, decorating, carriages, poles of the municipal construction, denotes, replacement of plated pipes, etc.

    Slitting line ——
    Slitting line is used to cut wide steel plate coil into several steel strips of a certain width longitudinally and tangle into steel strip coils, providing the required steel strip coil for the cold bending welded pipe production line, high frequency welded pipe production line or other purposes. The machinery unit is featured of high efficiency, low waste and high precision.


    High frequency welded pipe equipment adjusting and daily maintenance attentions

    1、 Formulate safety operation regulations. Do not touch to rollers (moulds) in running machinery unit, if it can’t be avoided, touch along forward direction. Specified operators’ positions, and don’t change randomly, keep written shift records always.
    2、Before turn on the production line, check if enough grease had been applied to related positions, pay special attention to flying saw main shaft which needs grease of high temperature and high speed. Apply grease once two days, and two or three applications of quantity each time, not too much, or otherwise it will lead to bad heat releasing and temperature rising rapidly, which may cause bearing being locked.
    3、Due to high temperature of the welding point, aluminum base grease is recommended which is appropriate for high temperature and humidity environment, SY1414-80, style number:ZFU-1H. Adjustment to big hexagonal-head nut and up pulling board are processed at the same time to avoid squeezing and pressing rollers shaft out of vertical to working bench, which can lead to damage to squeezing/pressing rollers whorl. Further, due to hard working environment of this point, bearings are easy hurt, operators need to check squeezing/pressing rollers bearings specially, and replace them in time if any abnormal found, to avoid more damages.
    4、Use grease with nice fluidity for gear box, and often check bearings of gear box, and replace damaged ones in time, or otherwise it may cause gear’s damage easily because it’s easy broken parts.
    5、Cautions to flying saw: Adjust single direction valve, to keep flying car at same speed or a little lower than tube’s running speed. Synchronous speed of flying car and running pipe will be helpful to cutting blade from injury. Before powering on machinery each time, check if screws of every transmit part are well fixed, if there is any damage of accessories. Resolve the problems if any to avoid accident. People are forbidden to enter area of running flying saw to avoid injury.
    6、Regular dismantle and cleaning should be made to machinery, clean the dirt inside vertical rollers and squeeaing/pressing device, and apply appropriate grease to keep its smooth and avoid rusty. Same action should be made to horizontal rollers, and grease and butter are applied to inner guiding channel and guide screw.
    7、Supervise if the front and rear nuts of horizontal roller are well fixed at running status, stop line immediately if nuts are found released, and resolve the trouble.
    8、When electrode is reversed, distance of steel stripe running backward will not exceed 300mm.
    9、Upper and lower regulating nuts at the same horizontal roll stand should be adjusted at the same time, to keep the shaft at horizontal level always, to avoid any block and forced adjustment. When process of square/rectangle pipe production from round is adopted, a higher position should be lifted to part below lower sliding block of sizing horizontal rollers lower shaft and the part below vertical rollers according rollers shape. Keep no change of center will make it more smooth to make square pipe from round, and resistance is reduced. If no lifting made, all shaping is made at lower part, resistance is increased, and electric power is wasted, consumption is increased to machinery unit.
    10、Distance between open mouth horizontal rollers upper and lower stands should be enough for steel stripe thickness and leave a gap to avoid block to steel strip and damage to machinery parts.
    11、No too much adjustment is made to finish product size and shape and relevant rollers stands around should also be adjusted after one stand is adjusted to get average loading of all stands.
    12、Engine oil should be applied to shaft and its inner hole when installing rollers, enough butter is also applied to bearings for easy loading and unloading. Coolant spray direction should be facing the working face of the rollers, not to bearings or other parts.
    13、Regularly check, maintain, clean and repair machinery unit.

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    Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.  Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.


    Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.  Shijiazhuang Great Wall Welded Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd.

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